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September 2011 Issue:

Words from Kevin Dibley in response to a question from MBY:
“Could you tell us, as an expert and yacht designer, what is the difference between Explorers and Trawler-type yachts?”

“The Explorer can be thought of as an Expedition Vessel and this as well as the Trawler can be called
Offshore Passage-makers.
The Trawler-type is based on modified Fishing boats on the Pacific Northwest of North America. They were lighter and more economical than the true ‘Trawler’ fishing boats, yet offered the seaworthiness that the commercial fishing boats were famous for. They became known as ‘Northwest Cruisers’ in the post World War-2 era. As more of these boats were built, they became quite sought after and in later years they became known as ‘Cruising Trawlers’.
Explorer-type vessels were originally converted Tugs and offshore long-range commercial and naval vessels.
These boats were designed for long-range, and were able to go into any area of the world, in a safe and seaworthy manner for long periods.
As these vessels were converted and became more luxurious, new ‘builds’ based on the same hull form started to come out and the Explorer/Expedition type was born.
The difference between the Trawler and the Explorer, in my mind, is that the Trawler will be lighter and not as long-range and self sufficient as the Explorer. Though both can cross oceans in the worst conditions that nature can throw at them, the Explorer would last for longer periods than the Trawler.
The difference between the two though is getting smaller and smaller to the point where the name
Offshore Passage-makers is probably more accurate to describe both of them.

Kevin Dibley
Auckland, New Zealand

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