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Dibley IRC
42' Racing Yacht

Designed for general IRC Racing, the Dibley 42 caters for those that race in Coastal and Offshore racing events where the ratio between upwind and reaching is 40/60. At this size range, IRC encourages the heavier ‘Production’ type yacht, as the RORC want to protect that majority fleet out there. As the new ‘production’ yachts gets lighter over time, due to cost reductions in Carbon Spars and high ballast ratios, the RORC should adjust their biased, towards more performance orientated yachts accordingly. Only time will tell. So this version of the Dibley 42 has been designed to fall just under that heavier displacement hull form, which will allow it to light up in reaching conditions, and yet not be so light that the Rating is killed.

The hull has been designed to be easily driven. The hull incorporates a fine ‘U’ shaped entry with a narrowish waterline beam, but flared topsides to allow maximum crew righting moment. The well-balanced hull volume distribution allows superior performance characteristics in both up and downwind angles. The Ballast-to-Displacement ratio is a fraction over 50% with foils that maximize lift, but minimize drag. There are various cockpit layouts that can be incorporated, depending on the client’s needs and requirements, but for this layout, we have included twin helms, and a comfortable cockpit area that will allow effortless crew movement between tacks, and easy access to all controls.

2 Dibley 42 IRC-b

The carbon rig and powerful sail area is well balanced with the high righting moment of this design. A fixed prod caters for both fractional and masthead asymmetrical Gennakers. A protruding prod that can be pulled back into the confines of the hull can also be looked at.

The interior is clean and simple with weight distribution and ergonomics paramount. A forward facing navigatorium is situated under the cockpit with Pipe Berths either side. A salon/berth area flanks the engine which lies right over the Centre of Gravity. A lifting-shaft-set-up lifts the prop into a centrecase aft which allows a completely clean underwater flow. Forward of the engine, to port is a Galley and opposite to starboard lies crew gear storage bins. An enclosed head lies forward of the main bulkhead.

Dibley 42 IRCDeck & Accom

You can read about the design process is our ‘Dibley June 2010 Newsletter’ in ‘DM News’. Various alternative layouts and hull forms can be catered for to suit the client’s needs and requirements as well as racing area.


LOA 12.80 m (42’ - 0”)
LWL 11.70 m (38’ - 4”)
BEAM 3.89 m (12’ - 9”)
DRAFT 2.90 m (9’ - 6”)
DISPL [MEASURED] 5,875 kg’s (12,950 lb’s)
IM 17.133 m (56’ - 2”)
J 5.00 m (16’ - 4”)
LP 5.25 m (17’ - 3”)
ISP 19.24 m (63’ - 1”)
STL 6.71 m (22’ - 0”)
P 17.30 m (56’ - 9”)
E 6.15 m (20’ - 2”)

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