Weekender 52 Picnic Boat Drawing by Dibley Marine

Dibley 52' Weekender Picnic Boat


The design request came from an Auckland couple who were looking for a vessel that is fast, seaworthy and comfortable for weekend or coastal cruising. She needed to have a simple layout as per the client’s recommendations and draft restrictions were taken into account.

Dibley 52 has been designed to perform at 34 knots maximum with a cruising speed of 28 knots.

Construction is on the high tech side with Kevlar cloth and a combination of unidirectional, biaxial and tri-axial e-glass cloth. The method will be the frame and batten option as specified by structural engineers High Modulus for the strongest and lightest result.

The initial brief was for a one-cabin layout but two cabin layout options are available. A
jet drive system is also available.


Length Overall                   -  15.85 metres     (52' - 0")
Length Waterline               -  14.72 metres     (48' - 3")
Maximum Beam                -   4.10  metres     (13' - 5")
Displacement(1/2 Load)    -  15,000 kg's       (33,000 lb's)

Draft                                      -  0.980 metres      (3' - 2.5")
Power                                   - Twin 450 HP - Total 900HP (662 Kw)
Propulsion                            - Twin Prop or Jet Drive options
Fuel (Deisel)                         - 1900 litres            (502 (Imp) Gal)
Water (Fresh)                       - 500 litres              (132 (Imp) Gal)

Note: This is a custom design - changes to specs can be made to suit.

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