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Kraken Yachts, led by Dick Beaumont and Roger Goldsmith of Hong Kong, had commissioned us to design their new blue-water cruising fleet which comprises the K50, K58 and the K66. Both Dick and Roger have thousands of sea miles behind them and they knew what they wanted. This made the designing quite easy and enjoyable as the process and detailing was shared between both parties.
K50 Kraken Yachts Dibley Marine

Kraken 50 Deck

Kraken 50 Interior

All the models are designed as true performance blue-water cruising yachts. They had to have enough volume and displacement to cater for comfortable long term cruising and storage. They also had to be stiff with a high angle of vanishing stability (AVS) and have a good turn of speed which is a top requirement for today’s yachtsman.

During the preliminary discussions we all sat down and worked out the most important factors that make up a true blue-water cruising yacht. These were simplified down to safety, comfort and performance and it was a requirement in the brief that no compromises be made on any of these three points.

K58 Kraken Yachts Dibley Marine

Kraken 58 Deck

Kraken 58 Interior

The accommodation needed to cater for different configurations so we designed the interior to be modular, allowing multiple layout options that wouldn’t be possible in a standard production yacht.

The first impressions, as one goes down below, had to be
'open and airy with sightlines that went on forever'. But also needed plenty of handholds and areas where one can safely go through the interior in storm conditions.

The yachts had to be handled by one from the cockpit, but also be ergonomically efficient with a crew, so the Deck Plans were well thought out in a sailing and anchoring/berthing point of view.

Details on liferaft storage, ventilation, anchoring and aft boarding platforms were all catered to.

"Kraken Yachts have put together a great website that further defines the specifications and philosophy of their range. We invite you to visit the site shown below and explore the options available."

K66 Kraken Yachts Dibley Marine

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