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Dibley DB30 Day Yacht

DB30 is a collaboration between yacht designer, Kevin Dibley, and professional sailor and sailmaker, Scott Beavis. Both felt that there was a gap in the market for a yacht that a couple or young family could sail in comfort and style while going fast and having fun. This is about fun sailing, not weekend cruising. A lot of yachts in this size range are floating campervans where the designer/builder has filled every available space with accommodation and storage. The result is a slow, and heavy yacht.


The DB30 is a sports car in comparison. With an attractive combination of modern angles, a classic sheer line and tumblehome aft, we believe the aesthetics will be timeless, and her performance exhilarating.

A large sail plan allows the yacht to pick up and go, with little effort. The key is to keep it simple. The fully battened square top main is easily controlled from the cockpit. A small jib allows the yacht to easily tack and a larger over-lapper gets the yacht moving in lighter airs. A retracting prod, which is pulled in and out from the cockpit, allows for both a masthead and fractional gennaker.

The deck stepped carbon rig is supported by double swept backed spreaders that are connected to carbon chainplates. The low drag bulb is fixed to a highly efficient fixed keel. The carbon rudder stock takes weight out of the rudder and the balanced blade allows finger tipped control at all times.


It was important for us that this yacht was Green orientated with minimal impact on the environment, so we are using electric sail drive technology to eliminate the use of diesel fuel. The added advantage is that the weight of this unit is half that of a conventional inboard.

The accommodation is minimal but will comprise port/starboard seating and a head unit forward. Two quarter berths aft are part of the internal structure but also allows overnight accommodation when the weather is just too good to come back. The deck and cockpit layout is clean and simple with all halyards and control lines running under deck or stored out of the way when not in use. Up forward the teak foredeck is flush with just enough camber to ensure sitting headroom below. In the cockpit, all controls for sailing the
DB30 are within hand reach of the helm and a simple but powerful sail plan will ensure maximum fun in a controlled manner. The enclosed aft cockpit creates a safe area for young kids when sailing. This aft area is kept large for sun bathing and lounging and can be extended by way of the fold down transom, when anchored for swimming. A drop in table can be placed over the central console and back rests can be dropped into place for comfortable al fresco dining when anchored in a cozy bay.


Overall, this is a yacht that can be sailed by the family in safety, ease and comfort, but also get up and boogie for those that want an exhilarating ride in a racing environment.

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LOA 9.145 m 30’ - 0”
LWL 8.365 m 27’ - 5”
Overall Beam 2.430 m 8’ - 0”
Draft 1.800 m 5’ - 11”
Sail Area (working) 52.91 sq.m 569.5 sq.ft
Displacement (1/2 load) 1,900 kg’s 4,188 lbs
Disp/Length 90.5
SA/Disp 35

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