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Dibley Racer 30' Racing Yacht

Babe, Chikara

The Dibley 10 metre ‘Babe’, [now called ‘Chikara'] built by Hart Marine in Melbourne, Australia, was the first entry in the 2003 two-handed Melbourne to Osaka race, though didn’t make the start line due to Business Commitments at the time.

Chikara Mainsail Dibley Marine

Previous Owner, Karl Holmes, had entered the 5,500 nautical miles course (approx. 10, 200 km) from Melbourne, Australia to Osaka, Japan starting in March 2003. This event, held every 4 years, is the 5th time this race has been held. The
Dibley 10m was to race in Class C Racer Division. With a minimum length requirement of 10 meters, this would have made her one of the smallest yachts to enter.

The brief was for an exciting high performance racing yacht that combined dinghy like performance with
Offshore Racing capabilities. With the homeport being on the edge of the infamous Bass Straight, the Dibley 10m needed to be tough and strong with emphasis put on structural integrity and safety.

Babe2 Chikara Dibley Marine

The hull form utilizes a narrow beam waterline with slightly hollow waterlines forward with u-shaped sections fairing into a flat run aft. The combination is carefully combined to ensure a well balanced hull form that will perform beautifully upwind and down.

A large sail area is made possible by the countered keel/bulb configuration and will ensure exciting rides on the wind and off.

The rig is a high-powered fractional carbon spar with swept spreaders. A 2.00-meter protruding prod is incorporated into the forestay fitting so that when not in use, it is pulled back into the yacht from the confines of the cockpit. The prod caters for a large masthead and fractional asymmetrical spinnaker.

Construction is
Duracore laid over temporary male frames for easy construction. The laminate combines triaxial and unidirectional E-glass and Carbon Fibre, with Structural Engineering by High Modulus (NZ).

Dibley 10 Chikara plans


LOA 10.000 m 32’ - 4”
LWL 8.700 m 28’ - 6”
Overall Beam 3.126 m 10’ - 3”
Draft 2.300 m 7’ - 6”
Displacement (1/2 load) 2,500 kg’s 5,510 lbs
J 3.517 m 11’ - 6”
I 12.282 m 40’ - 4”
P 12.738 m 41’ - 9”
E 5.500 m 18’ - 0”
Disp/Length 112
SA/disp 30.9

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