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GP 42' Racing Yacht

This performance racing yacht was designed under the influence of the ORC Level Class GP42 rule which is a box rule that specify’s minimum and maximum parameters in length, beam, sail area, stability and various other areas. The rule encourages close racing without allowing time allowances in Grand Prix competition and that the yachts designed to this rule are be fast, sound and seaworthy.

Dibley GP42 Drawing1

We approached this box rule in two ways. Both ways fit within the rules, but we looked at the option of a longer, more voluminous cabin to cater for occasional weekend regattas in mixed fleets [this one is shown] ; and a shorter cabin / longer cockpit that fits to the minimum required accommodation and cabin volume requirements. The hull has been designed to be easily driven. The hull incorporates a fine ‘V’ shaped entry with narrow waterline but moderate overall beam and a well-balanced hull volume distribution allowing superior performance characteristics.

The carbon rig will be engineered by
Chris Mitchell of Applied Engineering Ltd. who has been involved in countless number of racing yachts over the years. The powerful sail area is well balanced with the high righting moment of this design.
The interior has been designed around the Class Rules.

Structural Engineering is being done alongside
High Modulus who will be basing their work in line with Class Rules. Their own in-house safety margins will also be used where it is deemed necessary.

Overall, this is the class of the future. Where one design and mixed fleets will always have there following, the new
box rule format allows close competition but allowing some owner / designer flair that keeps the fleets interesting.


LOA 12.800 m 42’ - 0”
LWL 11.570 m 38’ - 0”
Overall Beam 3.725 m 12’ - 3”
Draft 2.600 m 8’ - 6”
Displacement (measured) 4,200 kg’s 9,260 lbs
Keel Weight 2,300 kg’s 5,070 lbs
J 5.000 m 16’ - 5”
I 16.200 m 53’ - 2”
P 16.800 m 55’ - 1”
E 5.900 m 19’ - 4”
Sail Area 103.643 sq.m 1,116 sq.ft

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