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Dibley 33' Racing Yacht

The brief for the Dibley 33R was for an exciting high performance racing yacht that combined dinghy like performance with strength and seakindliness for semi-offshore and coastal races. She also had to fit within a 40-foot container and be shipped anywhere in the world.

Dibley 33 Racing Yacht

The hull form utilizes a narrow beam waterline with slightly hollow waterlines forward, with our usual u-shaped sections fairing into a flat run aft. The combination is carefully considered to ensure a well-balanced hull form that will perform beautifully upwind and down.

Dibley 33 Racing Yacht

A large sail area is made possible by the countered keel / bulb configuration and will ensure exciting rides on the wind and off. The keel is fixed but can be removed from the yacht easily for shipping purposes. A lift keel version is being considered.

The Chris Mitchell designed rig is a high-powered fractional carbon spar with swept spreaders. The mast is designed to spit into two pieces so that they can also be shipped within the 40-foot container. A 2 meter protruding prod is incorporated into the bow so that when not in use, it is pulled back into the yacht from the confines of the cockpit. The prod caters for a large masthead and fractional asymmetrical spinnaker.

Dibley33 Racing Yacht Plans

Structural Engineering is being done by High Modulus (NZ) and will incorporate Carbon, E-glass and a cored hull and deck.

In summary, this yacht will perform to the highest levels in mixed fleets and will supply ultimate thrills to anyone that sails her.


LOA 10.000 m 32’ - 10”
LWL 9.494 m 31’ - 2”
Overall Beam 2.500 m 8’ - 2”
Draft 2.300 m 7’ - 6”
Displacement (1/2 load) 2,600 kg’s 5,730 lbs
J 4.064 m 13’ - 4”
I 10.792 m 35’ - 5”
P 11.200 m 36’ - 9”
E 4.397 m 14’ - 5”
Disp/Length 85.6
SA/disp 31.90

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