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Dibley International One Metre (IOM)
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Dibley International One Metre
Early in 2011, Carl Smith, Graham Roberts and Antony Sisson, approached Dibley Marine in regards to producing the DM range of International One Metre (IOM) radio controlled yachts that have dominated the New Zealand fleets since they came on the scene back in 2009. Carl Smith was Dibley Marine’s first client back in the early 1990’s when he built the Dibley 650 sportsboat ‘Stealth’. Carl is currently building his third Dibley designed yacht, a 40-foot Canting Keeler which he is hoping to launch sometime this year. Joining Carl in the IOM venture is Graham Roberts who runs coaching and mentoring sessions at the Tauranga Radio Sailing Club, and Antony Sisson who, as a New Zealand Boatbuilder, has been building IOM’s, in his spare time, for as long as he can remember.

Originally the trio were asked to assist in tuning the Dibley designed DM-IOM’s, for overseas clients, but they grabbed the opportunity to go into production when this option presented itself. A purpose built CNC machine, built by Graham, took Dibley Marine’s 3-D model and produced precise tooling from which female moulds were produced. Resin infusion and cooking was the chosen building method as it produced light, strong and very durable hulls.

It is envisaged that 20-24 boats will be produced annually as this is an after-hours hobby for the three, but they have the expertise, passion and drive to produce the best package that can be offered on the market.

Roddy DM IOM
The first of the production DM2’s will be out by the end of April and they will follow up with the DM1’s which are more light air orientated. They also have great contacts for shipping anywhere in the world and can help with tuning hints and advise if needed.

Beside the recent successes, the DM-IOM design won the 2009 NZ National Championships as well as taking out 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th in the 2010 NZ National Championships. They are proven winners, easy to handle, and beautiful to watch under sail.

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Interested enquiries should email Carl, Graham & Antony at
dm@ohope.co.nz for further details, costs and delivery times. Or you can contact us at info@dibleymarine.com and we will make sure it is followed through.

DM-IOM Results
(does not include all regattas)

2009 New Zealand IOM National Championships
(27 yachts Entered)
1st DM2-IOM Graham Cross 5th DM1-IOM Paul Goddard

2010 Auckland IOM Championships
(23 yachts Entered)
1st DM2-IOM Paul Goddard 4th DM1-IOM Roddy Booth

2010 New Zealand IOM National Championships
(42 yachts Entered)
2nd 4th 6th 8th
Graham Cross Paul Goddard Mike McLachlan Roddy Booth

2011 New Zealand IOM National Championships
(32 yachts Entered) 2nd DM1-IOM Roddy Booth
12th DM1-IOM Carl Smith

2011 IOM Gulf Harbour Energiser 6-hour Race
Carl Smith / Richard Batchelor Linton Little / Mike McLachlan
(10 yachts Entered)
1st DM1-IOM 4th DM2-IOM

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