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Dibley 8000 26' Sportsboat

Out of the Blue

Designed for Frank and Wendy Brace, from Cairns, Australia, the brief was for an exciting all round performance trailer sailer with a high stability factor and a simple yet highly effective deck layout.

Dibley 8000 Hammo Out of the Blue

The critical design parameters were the overall length of 8.0 metres, a beam of 2.5 metres and a sail area of 49 sq.m’s. With a target of maximising the sail area to displacement ratio, Dibley paid special attention to the deck layout and crew positioning to ensure that both the fixed ballast and crew weight was concentrated around the boats centre of buoyancy, thus minimising pitching. The carbon rig is fractional with a triple set of swept spreaders. The very powerful sail plan is countered by a keel / bulb configuration that utilises a very low centre of gravity shape and hence maximum power.


A 2 metre-protruding prod is incorporated into the forestay fitting so that when not in use, it is pulled back into the yacht from the confines of the cockpit. The prod caters for a large masthead asymmetrical spinnaker, as well as a fractional.

The hull shape is slightly hollow in the entry to reduce drag and minimise the bow wave. The shape then flairs into a flat run aft for planing performance.

Construction is
Kevlar on the outside and Carbon on the inside of a foam core. The first yacht, 'Out of the Blue' was built in Cairns by boatbuilder, Shayne Young.

Full construction plans are available.


LOA 8.00 M 26’-3”
LWL 7.57 M 24-10”
BEAM 2.50 M 8’-2”
DRAFT 2.20 M 7’-3”
DISP. 1200 KG 2645 LB’S
J 2.96 M 9’-48”
I 10.40 M 34’-2”
P 10.90 M 35’-9”
E 3.99 M 13’-1”
BSL 2.00 M 6’-7”

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