The Dibley Design Advantage

Davidson Designs

Kevin Dibley has been an associate of Laurie Davidson for many years and has contributed to the following projects:

Davidson 69 ‘Pendragon VI’ (USA 7744)

Pendragon VI (USA 7744)

Pendragon VI (USA 7744)

Pendragon VI (USA 7744)
was commissioned to Laurie Davidson by client John MacLaurin of San Diego

Pendragon IV (USA 77000) and Pendragon VI (USA 7744)

Pendragon IV
was so successful, that she was used as the bases for the then new TP52 Rule. She continues to race successfully in Coastal and offshore races including the Transpac, and feeder races into Mexico. Dibley Marine worked alongside Davidson in the creation of this fantastic design.

Pendragon IV (USA 77000) and Pendragon VI (USA 7744)

djuice Volvo 60
Volvo 60 'D'juice Dragon'

jivetalkin Davidson 35
Davidson 35 'Jivetalkin'

Dibley Davidson 35 Jivetalkin
Davidson 35 'Jivetalkin'

Dibley Davidson 58 Aftershock
Davidson 58 'AfterShock'

Dibley Davidson 55 O'sinnerman
Davidson 55 'O'Sinnerman'