10m Taxi Boat Rhib Design by Dibley Marine

Dibley Water Taxi 32' (10m)

Dibley 10m Water Taxi

Designed to carry twenty passengers at 35 knots fully loaded, the design also had to be capable of being transported in forty-foot Containers, anywhere in the world.

‘Coventry Marine’ Managing Director, Glen Urquart, has spent many years travelling back and forth to Malaysia on marine related business, and during a recent visit noted the need for a new Water Taxi design. Besides the performance and load carrying requirements, the design also had to be easy to build and simplistic in the running.

Dibley Water Taxi Drwg1b

Upon Urquart’s return to New Zealand, he commissioned us to come up with a suitable design that catered for all of the above. We worked through the brief and analysed the best way to approach the design while also widening the scope to cater for other uses world-wide. The Boat Tourism market is quite large overseas and this design is perfect for whale watching and inter island taxi services out of archipelago’s where there is a high population of people such as Malaysia, the Philippine’s and the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada.

Though the design caters for twin 175HP outboards, We have also modified the plans slightly to allow the option of an inboard engine with a surface drive.


LOA 10.000 m’s [32’ – 10”]
LWL 8.150 m’s [26’ – 9”]
BEAM 2.975 m’s [9’ – 9”]
DISPLACEMENT (1/2 load) 3,450 kg’s [7,605 lb’s”]
Cruising Speed 35 knots
Max Speed 43 knots
Fuel Capacity 600 litres [132 Imp Gal]
Passengers 19 + Skipper

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