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"Lasca Crosses the Tasman"

Commander 66 Cruising Yacht Dibley Marine
The Commander 66 'Lasca' (formerly Knight Commander) has crossed the Tasman after summer sailing in Fiji, the Islands and around New Zealand. Her plans are to explore the Eastern Australian coastline with her new owners

Lasca's new skipper, Michael Smith found the trip exceedingly easy and thought the yacht handled the conditions perfectly. "When we arrived off Frazer Island, a 30-40 knot Southerly came up and we were surfing up the coast with a top speed of 19.5 knots. The yacht never felt better", commented Smith. Her previous skipper achieved an exciting 22.5 knots while two sail reaching down the New Zealand coastline late last year. He was on autopilot at the time and decided that the yacht was handling the conditions so well that he'd just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Dibley Marine are working closely with Commander Yachts on a number of larger projects including the Commander 80 and the Commander 110. Both use the same formula of 'luxurious accommodation and high performance sailing' that was achieved with the Commander 66.

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