Dibley 40 Canting Keel Cruising Yacht Dibley Marine

40' Canting Keel Cruising Yacht
Boat Name: Widowmaker

Designed as a high performance, exciting, easily sailed racing yacht, the
Dibley 40 also features comfortable interior accommodation for entertainment and weekend cruising. The brief for this particular design was interpreted as follows:

The hull has been designed to be easily driven with no emphasis put on ratings. The hull incorporates a fine
‘U’ shaped entry, moderate beam and well-balanced hull volume distribution allowing superior performance characteristics. A lifting and ‘Canting’ keel allows access to shallow waters ports, while maintaining a stiff and high righting moment. The keel, bulb and rudder incorporate the latest in foil design in order to maximize lift while minimizing drag.

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The cockpit provides plenty of room for crew movement and deck gear has been placed for maximum effectiveness and ease of sailing. The helmsman can steer from either of the twin 900-diameter wheels.

The triple swept spreader rig has no runners or overlapping headsails. The powerful sail area is well balanced with the high righting moment of this design. When short handing, a short reef in the main and fractional running gear will counter the lack of crew on the rail. A 2.5 metre (8’-3”) protruding prod is incorporated into the carbon forestay fitting so that when not in use, it is pulled back into the yacht from the confines of the cockpit. The prod caters for a large masthead asymmetrical spinnaker, as well as a fractional.

Dibley 38 Cruising Yacht Widowmaker Dibley 38 Cruising Yacht Widowmaker
Widowmaker under construction in Tauranga, New Zealand

The interior for the
Dibley 40 is arranged to be open and spacious. The main saloon, entertainment area has been designed around the centre case and companionway. Fuel and water are situated under the saloon seating which lie around the longitudinal centre of buoyancy. This minimises pitching in a seaway as well as minimising trim differences between full and empty tanks. A 38 HP Yanmar Sail Drive is situated under the companionway stairs and the option of double or single berths lie aft. Opposite the mast lies a small galley to starboard and a storage/nav area to port. Forward of the mast is an enclosed head shower unit with the option of a double berth up forward that is removed during racing or short handed cruising.

In summary, the
Dibley 40 combines high performance, ease of handling, and comfort to those looking for fun and excitement in their sailing.


LOA 12.00 m
LWL 10.750 m
Overall Beam 3.760 m
Draft (board up) 1.500 m
Draft (board down) 2.800 m
Displacement (1/2 load) 4,895 kg’s
J 4.300 m
I 15.00 m
P 16.10 m
E 5.500 m
Disp/Length 110
SA/disp 29

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