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Mike Elley

Owner of White-40, ‘Nosaka’

In 2011, Dibley Marine designed a new keel and bulb. The following from Mike Elley:

“Just a quick note to report on the first race we have done with the new keel under Nosaka.

Obviously we placed well but what was great to see was the transformation in the boats performance.

The keel certainly has less drag as confirmed by motor trials but that wasn’t the best thing.

It was really nice to sail downwind and pull away from the leading A division boats in our family cruiser doing 10 knots in 15 knots of wind but that wasn’t the best thing.

The gain in lift upwind means we can now defend our position and hold height with the rest of the 40 foot fleet but still not the best thing.

The best thing was how quickly and efficiently the project went working with you under such a high pressure timeframe. All of the issues got dealt with quickly and it seemed an easy process to arrive at a practical design that meets both our cruising and racing objectives. Without that help we simply wouldn’t have made the start line!

Thanks and regards, Mike Elley

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