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Dibley named 2017 Yacht Designer of the Year

“After a successful 2016 that rolled into a very busy 2017, New Zealand based yacht designer, Kevin Dibley was named 2017 Yacht Designer of the Year at the recent Asian Marine and Boating Awards in Shanghai.


Dibley had Hong Kong based Kraken Yachts Managing Director, Roger Goldsmith represent him and accept the award on his behalf at the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show, CIBS Gala dinner and the Asian Marine & Boating Awards which was held on April 27th, 2017.

Alistair Skinner, Judges Coordinator for the
Asian Marine & Boating Awards comments:

"I for one have followed Kevin's (Dibley) work for some time, especially the boats he has drawn for Asian builders and have always noted the fairness of the lines. Perhaps not yet as recognised quite as much as some of the previous winners of the award but I am sure that is only a matter of time especially as, although small, the Asian arena is one of the growth hot-spots in the global leisure marine market"


Kevin Dibley, from his Queenstown, New Zealand design studio commented

“I am truly honoured to be chosen for this award. Though it was awarded in my name, all the people contributing to the Dibley Design Team share this win as the synergism that each team member gives is crucial to any projects we get involved in. Our Asian clients have become a very important part of our design success of late and we thank those who have put faith in our work over there. Whether it is racing yachts, cruising yachts or powerboats, our diverse portfolio and clientele have kept the team busy and on their toes, and we look forward too many more years of success in the Asian market.”

Dibley May 2016 Newsletter

Dibley Marine May 2016 Newsletter

As mentioned in our last newsletter, a new company, Kraken Yachts Ltd. led by Dick Beaumont and Roger Goldsmith of Hong Kong, had commissioned us to design their bluewater cruising fleet which comprised the K50, K58 and the K66. Both Dick and Roger have thousands of sea miles behind them and they knew what they wanted. This made the designing quite easy and enjoyable as the process and detailing was shared between both parties.

The largest in the fleet is the Kraken 66 which was designed as a true performance bluewater cruising yacht. She had to have enough volume and displacement to cater for comfortable long term cruising and storage. She also had to be stiff with a high angle of vanishing stability (AVS) and have a good turn of speed which is a requirement for today’s yachtsperson.

During the preliminary discussions we all sat down and worked out the most important factors that make up a true bluewater cruising yacht. These were simplified down to safety, comfort and performance and it was a requirement in the brief that no compromises be made on any of these three points.

The yacht had to be handled by one from the cockpit, but also be ergonomically efficient with a crew, so the deck plan was well thought out in a sailing and anchoring/berthing point of view. Details on life-raft storage, ventilation, anchoring and aft boarding platforms have all been catered to. Customised helm pedestals allow full use of instrumentation all within reach of the helm.

The Sail Plan is easily controlled from the cockpit. The furling boom allows effortless reefing and the cutter rig allows plenty of sail set options. Swept Spreaders and a clean deck follows the mantra of ‘keeping is simple’ with all halyards and control lines leading aft under the deck and out of sight.


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