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Dibley April 2012 Newsletter

Dibley Marine APR 2012 Newsletter

The Class 40 is designed around an International Design Rule for a sea-oriented racing and cruising yacht with a maximum length of 40 feet. The original goal of the Class was to make offshore races accessible to amateur sailors, and in particular, short-handed. The success of the class in Europe has moved it beyond these parameters, with more and more professional sailors attracted to it.

Part of the attraction of this class is the simple and stringent box-rule, which keeps costs down. Building materials are limited and unlike the ‘Open 40s’, there is no canting keel, and there is some form of comfort down below. The layout shown has been designed for single handed sailing. All halyards and controls lead aft to the cockpit, and excellent cover is provided when in adverse conditions. Twin Rudders allow control at all times.

Like all of our designs, we can custom design to suit for the individual. Plans will be available to build overseas, or we can arrange for a builder in New Zealand.

Drop us an
email with your wish list and we will send you further details.


Class 40 Racing Yacht New book: “A Lighter Ton”
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Davidson 70 ‘Pendragon 6’

Dibley April 2011 Newsletter

Dibley Newsletter April 2011

We have recently had a large increase on shorthanded capable racing yacht enquiries. The Classe 950 is our most popular to date, and the Class 40 is another that is showing a lot of interest. Both these Classes are well established globally, but the concept of safe ‘Open type’ offshore yachts can also be a ‘concept and philosophy’ that can fall under any size.


Dibley Open 800 Design
Racing Outrigger Canoe Design IOM Production
Keel & Bulb Design

Dibley IOM Press Release, April 2011

International One Metre Design Press Release

Early in 2011, Carl Smith, Graham Roberts and Antony Sisson, approached Dibley Marine in regards to producing the DM range of International One Metre (IOM) radio controlled yachts that have dominated the New Zealand fleets since they came on the scene back in 2009. Carl Smith was Dibley Marine’s first client back in the early 1990’s when he built the Dibley 650 sportsboat ‘Stealth’. Carl is currently building his third Dibley designed yacht, a 40-foot Canting Keeler which he is hoping to launch sometime this year. Joining Carl in the IOM venture is Graham Roberts who runs coaching and mentoring sessions at the Tauranga Radio Sailing Club, and Antony Sisson who, as a New Zealand Boatbuilder, has been building IOM’s, in his spare time, for as long as he can remember.


IOM (International One Meter)
Radio Controlled Racing Yacht
New Zealand Champion hulls
In Production in NZ

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