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Dibley August 2009 Newsletter

Dibley Newsletter Aug 09

Over the past few years, Dibley Marine has been involved in a number of Keel, Bulb and Rudder modifications for existing yachts. These yachts have ranged from 25 feet up to 150 feet and from various design houses around the world. The two main reasons our clients have approached us for new Appendages is for either a performance gain, or draft restrictions. Other reasons, and some are related to the above, are: Reducing Leeway, Minimising Drag, Increasing VMG [Velocity Made Good), To correct a Trim Issue, To correct a Weight Issue and to help with Helm Balance. Yachts are usually designed for a specific service to their original owner, or to a Marketing Teams vision of what the masses want in a yacht. But when a yacht has been on-sold, sometimes the total package doesn’t quite fit within the new owners requirements, and changing the appendages can be a good way of getting a great yacht that performs to their expectations.

We recently did a new keel for a client who had increased his sail area by 20% and found that the existing keels profile area couldn’t resist the new sail plans side force. So they were pointing higher and going faster over the water, but they were slipping sideways a lot more and thus their VMG took a big dive as compared to their previous performance numbers.


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